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Having a clogged drain can really put a damper on your day. After several failed attempts to unclog the drain, you find that nothing you do is fixing the problem. If you have a clogged drain, allow our Baltimore drain cleaning team to take care of the problem for you. 24/7 Plumbing & Drain has the necessary equipment and experience to properly diagnose the exact source of your drain problem and find an effective solution. Don’t hassle yourself with a plunger and liquid clog remover, and allow our team to get the job done right.

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At 24/7 Plumbing & Drain, we use state-of-the-art camera technology to assist us when inspecting your drain and plumbing system. With our camera line technology, we are able to get a comprehensive look at your piping, allowing us to find the cause of the blockage. This enables us to take the best course of action, whether it be a snake drain, traditional repair, or trenchless repair.

We provide plumbing services for drains in every part of your home, including:

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Our team of plumbing experts are dedicated to 24/7 quick response, and all around customer satisfaction. When you choose 24/7 Plumbing & Drain, LLC to perform your residential or commercial plumbing service you can expect:

Top 6 Drain Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Drains Clear


  • Boiling water – For minor clogs in metal pipes, a kettle full of boiling water can be poured slowly over the drain. Wait until it has completely drained, then flush it with water. A note of caution: Don’t use water over 175 degrees on PVC pipes as it can soften and even melt the joints in your pipes.
  • Plunger– One of the most trusted drain remedies, the plunger is helpful to clear any minor drain clog. The inexpensive tool is commonly available. All you have to do is block the opening of the drain and push the handle with full force several times.
  • Professional drains cleaner – Drain cleaner solutions can be found at most grocery and home improvement stores. Make sure to purchase a drain solution after reading the information label thoroughly as certain solutions are effective for specific drains. Follow the instructions carefully and apply on drains according to the directions. Keep in mind, however, that although these drain cleaners might be effective, repeated use of the harsh chemicals found in these drain cleaners can damage plumbing lines over time.
  • Make your own drain cleaner – Many common household items can be used to treat a clogged drain. A combination of vinegar and baking soda is an excellent cleaner for greasy clogs. Just pour half a cup of baking soda, followed by half a cup of vinegar. Then pour boiling water down the drain. Another safe alternative to harsh chemicals is the brine solution. The highly concentrated salt solution can be poured down any drain to reduce odor and clear buildup.
  • Purchase or rent mechanical snake – A small drain snake also known as the electric ell, toilet jack, and even a long pipe cleaner can be purchased and rent from your local hardware store. Thread the mechanical snake down any clogged drain and manually push the clog out and clean the drain.
  • Get help from a professional plumber– if all attempts fail, seek help from a licensed, professional plumber. The above-mentioned remedies can unclog minor blockages, but remember that excessive force can cause permanent damage in your plumbing lines.


By taking a few precautions, you can better protect your drains from becoming clogged. For kitchen drains, we advise you not to dispose of oils and greases, pasta, and coffee grounds, as these foods can create a blockage. For bathtub drains, we recommend that you purchase mesh screens to place over the drain, which will prove effective in preventing hair and soap residue from becoming lodged in the piping. Furthermore, for bathroom sinks, we suggest that you avoid washing hair down the drain after shaving.

If you are in need of a drain cleaning in Baltimore, Rockville, Montgomery County, Frederick County, and beyond, contact our professional plumbers at (410) 921-9995.