28 Aug. 20

Four Ways to Prevent Bathtub Drain Clog

The Bathtub Hair Trap

The bathtub hair trap is your first line of defense against these clogging agents. Hair, dirt, oil, dead skin, scum—these will all cause your bathtub to clog.

Removing Existing Hair and Debris

Some debris is microscopic and some you can see with your own eyes. Hair is one type of debris you can easily remove from just inside the entrance of your drain.You’ll need a wire hanger or mini snake. A metal hanger is bendable and adjustable so that it fits down a drain. Simply scratch around and it will collect hair and other debris. Remove the debris and repeat the process until no more debris is caught by the hanger.

Flushing Natural Cleaning Substances

Chemical drain liquids are able to unclog drains; however, they are harmful to the environment and damage pipes after excessive use. These alternatives are environmentally friendly and will not corrode your plumbing: bleach, soda, baking soda and vinegar.

Bathtub Unclogging Service

Even with proper maintenance, your bathtub may clog. Some problems such as root infiltration, bellied pipes, and deep blockages require Professional plumbing service. Dial or call 911 Home service and we will be there in an hour. Our plumbers are trained to solve all drain-related problems, big or small. Contact us today to bring your bathtub drain pipes back to good health.

If do you have any plumbing issues at home. Just dial or call 24/7 Plumbing & Drain and we will be there in an hour.