06 Jun. 17

Weird Smells in the Shower? This Could Be The Reason…

Ever walked into the shower and thought ‘Phewee!’ what is that smell?! Bathrooms are supposed to smell and feel fresh. Occasionally, there will be strong, pungent sewage smell lurking around, which can be off-putting.

If you work hard to clean the bathroom and still can’t seem to kill that odor, here is what could have gone wrong:


The number one reason behind that weird shower smell is drain clogs.

Over time, soap, shampoo, hair, dirt and soap scum can get trapped in the drain and block the pipes.

Once blocked, the residues keep building up until they start rotting and smelling bad. On the other hand, you may also notice that used water is having a difficult time passing down the drain due to the clogs.

The standing water, coupled with the clogging residues, can produce a foul odor that can be annoying and often overpowering. To clean the drain, use a plunger to dislodge the debris; then flush with water.


Another common culprit behind that smell could be dried pipes. Bathroom fittings like sinks, toilets and shower drains are all connected to U-shaped pipes. This pipe is ultimately connected to a waste water pipe that drives water away from your home to the sewage system. The other part of this pipe goes all the way up to the roof, letting fresh air inside and pushing out smelly gases. Of course, this system is invisible as it is all laid out behind a wall and underground.

In some cases, when the water in the U-shaped trap dries out, it leaves a rotten smell behind. The easy way through this problem is to pour some water down the drain and wait for the smell to vanish. You could also use a scented drain cleaner.


Another reason why your shower smells are cracked or leaking pipes. Sewer water might be leaking somewhere from under the toilet or shower water might be coming back up due to clogs. When left unattended, this water creates a foul smell.

If you are looking to get rid of that smell in shower for good, a floor drain service provider can help. Get in touch with us for emergency plumbing in Maryland, and make your bathroom smelling like new, guaranteed!