04 May. 17

Is Routine Plumbing Maintenance Necessary?

At 24/7 Plumbing, we pride ourselves in being one of the busiest providers of plumbing services in Maryland. That also means that we have to witness the worse of mess. Of course, some of the issues are inevitable. After all, plumbing systems and sewer lines are built to endure the worst and they have their limit to how much they can take. Sometimes, however, the issues are simply because of lack of maintenance.

Plumbing maintenance is important because it can save you a lot in the long run. If you are not taking good care, you might have to replace a system, which is supposed to last twenty years, in just five years. Our experts want you to understand how important your plumbing systems are and why you should invest some time in their maintenance.


You can also say maintenance is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home. Do you realize the extent of damage a leaky pipe can cause? If left undetected for too long, it can ruin the whole foundation of a building, making it prone to a complete collapse at the slightest of tremor. Water damage itself is highly dangerous for the dwellers, and if the damage is caused by sewer lines, the effect will be even more drastic.

If the leak is in a place where there is lack of ventilation, the dampness can cause mold. So, not only will you have to call in a plumbing company, you will also be paying plenty of amount for mold removal.


Do you know a dripping faucet can have dire psychological effect? It is probably why people get their faucets repaired as soon as possible. What they do overlook is maintenance of the plumbing systems to avoid undetectable leaks and issues. As we mentioned, dampness can cause mold and mold can cause plenty of health issues as well. Standing water itself is a breeding ground for a plethora of diseases, some of which can be fatal.

Still feel maintenance is over-rated?

Keeping your plumbing system well-maintained means you can play a role in preventing millions of gallons wasted every year due to undetected leaks. A little consideration can help you be nice to your wallet, your loved ones, and the planet we owe so much to.

If you need a team of professional plumbers in Maryland to take a look at your plumbing system and sewer lines, you know who to call!