01 May. 17

Factors That Cause Smelly Drains

Plumbing problems are always annoying, but nothing is as annoying as smelly drains. We all want our homes to smell like cupcakes and lavenders, but imagine living in a home that constantly smells like an overused subway toilet. You know you have got to call in the pros.

But do you ever stop to ponder what might be causing the drains to stink so bad, especially if the problem is recurring? In case it is a recurring problem, you should get to the root of it. As your trusted plumbing and drain services provider, let us clear the air.

Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about smelly drains.


Smelly drain is a clear indication of a problem with the drain line. You can also take it a news bearer of a catastrophe in the making. If left smelling for long, you will be facing serious clog or flooding of the drains.

Now, coming towards the reasons and causes, it actually depends which drain is in question. So, let’s unravel by mystery drain by drain.


You want the sweet-smelling cupcakes back! The very thing whose smell you can’t resist may be contributing to the foul smell. Small particles of food might accumulate in the drain over the time and once they rot, they start to stink. Keep a plunger handy to deal with the issues and use drain cleaner solutions every once in a while. If that doesn’t solve the issue, we will be more than happy to plunge in.


Well, it is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? But bathrooms are actually built to endure the nastiest of bombings, if you know what we mean. But the fact that it is a place where we clean up ourselves alone means that the amount of grease and grime is too much. Not to mention the hair falling down the shower drains accumulate into balls and will trap the scum close to the surface. So, even if there is no clog, there will be foul smell. There are very few cleaners that can dissolve hair. The best way to deal with the issue is to dial our helpline.


A stinky outdoor drain can mean a serious issue with your sewer line. Take it as a warning sign and instead of looking or DIYs, get professional to avoid bigger cost of replacement.

We specialize in floor drain cleaning and repair, and can help you keep your home free of all such adversities. Read more aboutour services here.