29 Apr. 17

Sewer Line 101: Repair vs. Replacement

One cannot really blame the sewer lines if they refuse to do their job once in a while. After all, they endure the worst of abuse. As professionals, we are literally appalled at the kind of stuff people throw down their drains. But to be honest, no matter how careful you are, even the seemingly harmless gunk will eventually choke up the lines. Besides, the aging factor also plays a role in causing dysfunctional lines.

However, one needs to understand whether they should settle for a repair or invest in main sewer line replacement. As your friendly neighborhood plumbers in Maryland, we are sharing the basic guide to knowing how to tackle your sewer line problems.


One might assume that sewer line damage is not something you can overlook. The foul smell makes it impossible to delay your call to 24/7 Plumbing. However, the smell is actually not the earliest sign. There are many warning signs that can actually prevent the need for replacement.

  • Obvious cracks in pipes. Such damage is caused by extreme temperatures or shifting of the ground
  • Corrosion and shifting of the ground can also move the pipes down to an angle that can cause blockage
  • Roots of the surrounding trees can burst into the pipes
  • Sometimes the joints might giveaway sooner than the pipes

If you notice any of these signs, call us for a repair before it’s too late. Any delay will cost you dearly and create quite a mess and nuisance.


Our first job is to see if a repair would be enough to fix the issue. We use exclusive equipment to check the line for the extent of the damage. A camera is inserted through the lines to get a clear and closer look at the damage, and to identify the cause of the issue.

In case you called us at the right time, there is a good chance that a repair will be enough. In case we can see that the damage is too extensive and the repairs wouldn’t hold for too long, we recommend a replacement. Know that sewer lines have their expiry dates and sometimes we recommend replacement because the lines are way past their useful life. Read more about the sewer line life cycle here [link to article 3]


Repairing or replacing a sewer line is a messy process. For repairs, we usually dig up a hole above and around the effected or damaged area and refill it once the job is done. This process might make the affected area unusable for a while.

As for replacement, the method is less messy but quite complicated as a new line is inserted through the old one using the trenchless method.

The method that suits your needs depend on the kind and extent of damage the lines have experienced. Call us today and get your sewer lines inspected by our expert plumbers in Maryland.