15 Apr. 17

How to turn Off a Water Heater’s Gas Supply

There is a reason we are one of the most trusted Plumbing experts in Maryland: we care about our customers and are highly concerned about how efficiently your plumbing systems and appliances are running. While we always emphasize the importance of leaving the repair work to the pros, we do not deny the fact that the responsibility of ensuring efficiency equally falls on the shoulders of the residents and homeowners.

This is why we keep sharing tips and tricks to troubleshoot some of the common plumbing problems one can come across at home. So, today let’s talk about water heaters and how and why to turn off the gas supply, starting with the latter.


Because it is efficient! By turning of the supply altogether, you will save more on utility bills, especially if there is a leakage you haven’t discovered. Besides, shutting off the supply should be the very first thing to do in case you suspect a leak because of an awful and strong smell of the gas around the heater. Even in case of water leakage through the tank, never proceed to check without turning off the gas first.

Once you have turned it off, wait for the pros to come, check, and resolve the issue.


Look for a shut-off valve located near the appliance. The valve you see on the appliance itself doesn’t shut off the supply; it just turns the heater off. The supply valve is usually a handle shaped valve. If it is turned anti-clockwise, it means the supply is on. Turn it clockwise to cut the gas supply to your heater.

Now, in rare cases, the valve is almost impossible to find without professional help, but if the smell of gas is too strong and spreading too rapidly, find the main gas meter and shut the supply to the whole house. This is necessary as a major gas leak is a potential fire hazard. As much as a hot electric appliance can turn into an instigator of a house fire.

The main valve is easier to locate turn it perpendicular to the gas line to turn it off. You will have to use a wrench to rotate this valve.


Call in our experts and we will guide you through the process while our team of plumbers will reach your location in Maryland within the least possible time.