11 Nov. 16

Ways to Maintain a Clog Free Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal systems seem like they provide the ultimate convenience. After all, you just need to drop your food leftovers, pizza crusts, and peels down the drain, turn the tap on, flip the switch, and everything goes down.

So, how essential are garbage disposals? And do you need to get one installed within your home. In the following section, we will review this issue so that you have a better understanding of your options. 

Importance of Garbage Disposal

Essentially, garbage disposal systems are effective for getting rid of waste. When you use these systems, therefore, you will ensure that your kitchen waste does not end up in a landfill.This is very importance because when matter like plant, paper, and food waste decomposes in a landfill, they produce methane. This greenhouse gas is more potent than carbon dioxide.

With a proper system, your waste will instead be redirected to a waste water treatment center. Here, they will be processed to create nitrogen – which is good for the environment because it is used to create natural fertilizer.

These food scraps are sometimes composted and used to nourish plants, and to grow more food. Therefore, the cycle continues – food goes down the drain, into a compost processor, back to the soil, through the grown plants, and back to your kitchen in the form of fresh, green produce.

Garbage Disposal Tips

So, how can you make sure that your garbage disposal system is effective? Consider using the following tips and tricks:

a) Waste

Where possible, ensure that you make less waste. This means that you should only buy food that you know you are going to eat. Similarly, as you shop, ensure that you get quantities that you will eat before the food goes bad. This is better both for your bank balance and for your disposal system.

b) Compost

Where possible, and if you have enough space, compost some of the food that ultimately gets wasted. Then, use the mulch from the compost heap to nourish your homegrown foods and plants.

c) Aerate

When you get the garbage disposal installation services, look for an aerator too. This way, you will end up wasting less water from your kitchen faucet. The aerator will get rid of all those foul smells that tend to come out of the disposal system whenever food particles and grim lodge inside your drains and pipes.

Disposal Dos and Don’ts

Proper servicing, operation and maintenance will extend the life of your disposal system. It will also prevent drain and plumbing mishaps. When you get a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen, you will have an easier time doing your chore and maintaining your home.

However, if you don’t operate and maintain the system, it can easily break down. Similarly, it will block and clog your drains and get you to spend a lot of money fixing the plumbing and your drains.

Repairing garbage disposal systems is a costly affair. Luckily, most of these problems are unnecessary and you can easily take care of and maintain your disposal. By treating it well, therefore, you will get many years of good service from your disposal system.

So, here’s what you should and should not do with your disposal:

– Keep your disposal clean by pouring some dish soap inside and running the system for 60 seconds or so with cold water. Do this every time you wash your dishes
– Run the system regularly; by using it frequently, you will prevent corrosion and rust. This will also ensure that all the parts stay moving while preventing the accumulation of obstructions
– Grind food waste with a strong flow of water; use cold water to ensure that oils and grease are solidified and chopped up before they reach the trap
– Grind such materials as fish and chicken bones, fruit pits, and egg shells; the particles will create scouring action inside the grinding chamber, which will clean the walls of your garbage disposal
– Chop up large waste into small pieces; instead of shoving the entire amount inside at a go, break it down first. This will make the work a bit easier for your disposal system
SO, there you have it – the top information you need to know about your disposal system. Use these tips and tricks to take good care of your disposal to ensure that it gives you many years of loyal service.


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