16 May. 18

How Drain Cleaners are Ruining Your Plumbing

Looking for information on how drain cleaners are ruining your plumbing?

Then you have come to the right place. One thing that most people do not know is that most drain cleaners ruin plumbing and pipes.

Why Drain Cleaners?

Whenever you have a clogged toilet or drain, the common thing you would typically do is to turn to a drain cleaner thinking that it will help you remove the stubborn clog. In most cases, this will work. However, they are also likely to corrode your plumbing and pipes.
These chemical cleaners often contain harsh elements that can, over time, cause significant damage to your plumbing pipes. Therefore, you can be sure that they are going to create an expensive and messy problem for you in the long term.

How Drain Cleaners Work

Interestingly, most chemical drain cleaners work by burning away through the clog using abrasive elements. Therefore, when the liquid meets food, hair and any other substance that is causing the clog, they will create gas which will heat up and dislodge the clog.

For one time clogs in new drain systems, this is unlikely to cause much of a problem. However, if your home is older and your pipes are already corroded, then you can be sure that drain cleaners ruin plumbing. The routine use of these drain cleaners will only add to your already mounting problems.

Dealing with Clogs

Of course, it is not easy to deal with slow moving and clogged drains and pipes. To ensure that you do not have to touch the undesirable substances causing the clog, you will most likely be tempted to reach out for commercial chemical drain cleaners.

These cleaning solutions are usually affordable and relatively easy to use. However, you can be sure that since drain cleaners ruin plumbing, they are not your best friend. Similarly, most of them are likely to cause physical injury to you, your family and/or your pets if handled incorrectly.

Most clogs are caused by human waste, soap, grease, hair and other debris that collate and lodge themselves within your plumbing system. When you pour store bought drain cleaners down the plumbing, they will create heat to dissolve this blockage.

The Harmful Effects of Drain Cleaners

However, should the substance get in contact with aluminum, stainless steel or porcelain fixtures, they will cause corrosion further ruining these surfaces. Therefore, if you absolutely must use them, you should pour them as close as you can to the drain. Similarly, never use more than what you need to have a profound impact on the clog.

Chemical drain cleaners will also damage old, corroded and PVC pipes. Therefore, if your plumbing is of this kind, then you might want to opt for an enzymatic cleaner instead. Whereas these cleaners are not as effective as commercial chemical drain cleaners, they are less corrosive to plumbing and pipes. Alternatively, you can use a pipe snake.

Getting Help

The best solution, therefore, to a clogged drain is to call in a professional. Since drain cleaners ruin plumbing, a plumber will use other methods to remove the clogs from your drains and pipes. Their experience in the plumbing industry also means that they will be better placed to accurately diagnose and fix all your plumbing problems without using these harmful chemicals.