16 May. 17

What Causes Pipes To Burst?

Ever dealt with a burst water pipe? Any time a pipe bursts, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

For starters, pipe repairs can be annoying, inconvenient and expensive. Depending on the extent of damage, repairs could easily take several weeks.

If you don’t resolve the issue immediately, water leakage can cause extensive damage to your valuable items and weaken the structure of your house. In fact, burst pipe can also result in mold growth.

Despite being a common household problem, not many people know about the factors that cause plumbing pipes to burst. Knowing these factors is important to prevent pipes from bursting again.

From freezing temperatures to uncontrollable water pressure, here are the most common causes of burst water pipes:


Water pipes can burst due to wear and tear. Generally, older pipes can burst easily because of corrosion.

If your house has outdated steel or iron pipes installed before the ‘70s, the best solution is to get them replaced altogether. Fixing rusted old pipes won’t solve the underlying issue.

Brand new pipes are an investment. Not only will they save you from potential plumbing issues, but they will enhance the value of your house.


Do you have clogged water pipes? Different types of objects, such as food, hair, paper, oily/greasy substances, soap and such end up in pipes.

It’s important to remove foreign objects from pipes to ensure water pressure doesn’t build up. High water pressure can burst pipes.

Routine maintenance will ensure proper functioning of pipes. However, if you notice less than normal water pressure from your plumbing fixtures, consult a professional plumbing company to fix the clogged pipe.


As mentioned earlier, high water pressure is another cause of pipes bursting. Low water pressure in the sink, shower or bathtub is an obvious sign of a clogged pipe.

When a pipe is clogged, it causes the water pressure to keep accumulating. Eventually, the pipe bursts when it can no longer sustain the pressure. Extreme water pressure can damage pipes as well as other plumbing fixtures.

Regular maintenance is an effective way to extend the lifespan of your plumbing system.


Freezing temperatures can take a toll on water pipes. Plummeting temperatures can freeze and expand the water in pipes. Water expansion places immense pressure on pipes and they burst.

Plumbing pipes can burst anywhere, at anytime. That’s why you need our number on speed dial to help you deal with this emergency.

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