30 May. 17

The Causes And Solutions To Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a frustration. If you plan to ignore it, be prepared for an even bigger problem to arise.

Lower water pressure in your bathrooms, kitchen and in the front or backyard, can be fixed with the help of a plumbing company, that knows how to put an end to such problems, for good.

Now let’s see what causes the low pressure in water, and how you can resolve it:


Pipes smaller in diameter can only allow a little pressure to pass through them. When it supplies water to bigger faucets, it automatically results in lower pressure—something that many of us attribute to the neighborhood water supplier.

Solution:Get new pipelines installed that are bigger in size and can let the water flow through, easily.


Sometimes, the dirt in water can lead to clogs, eventually resulting in resistance in the flow of water. Blockages can be checked by inspecting water pressure in the kitchen, lawns and bathrooms; then determining the source of the issue.

Solution: Blockages in pipelines can be fixed with a thorough cleaning of pipes from the water supply system. While you’re at it, replacing the pipes to newer and cleaner ones will keep the blockages at bay for a good period of time.


A lot of people usually open the water supply valves incompletely. The partial opening of these water supplying valves can cause the pressure valve to collapse, with an evident decrease in the flow of water.

Solution:Always turn on the valves completely. Double-check this. It ensures not only a better flow of water, but also keeps the pressure system inside the valves, damage-free.


Leaks in water pipelines can be sneaky. Because these pipelines remain unseen; we usually fail to find this problem. These leaks translate not only to massive waste, but higher utility bills as well.

Solution: Call in plumbers and have them inspect the bathrooms and kitchen. Replace the damaged and leaky pipelines with new ones.

Lower water pressure is something that our expert plumbing services in Maryland know best to handle.

If you’re facing this issue, we’re just a call away. Give us a call without any delay!